The day before my run


It's the day before my 20 km Silver Star Mountain Summit Challenge that I will be completing with my two dear friends, Sarah and Bob. I'm periodically gazing out the window taking in the expansive view of the Monashee mountains from one of the Peaks townhomes while resting my legs, contemplating and sharing more of my story.

Most of you know that I was a Silver Star Mountain resident, until recently, and that I have managed The Pinnacles Suites and Townhomes, and now the Peaks at The Pinnacles, for the past nine years. As I use to frequently run the trails on Silver Star Mountain in the summer, and as I drove up and down Silver Star Mountain Road over the years I use to image what it would be like to run the distance – valley to mountain summit. Tomorrow I will put my imagination to the test and know!

The run will be an elevation gain of 4,575 feet starting at the BX Elementary School up Silver Star Mountain Road to The Pinnacles, then up the Milky Way trail, the last 980 feet in elevation, to the old Forest Fire Lookout. The mosquitos that were out this morning on the mountain might be to our advantage as they will make us run faster to get away from them during this last and steepest part of our run! We have been blessed to have a wonderful support team and cheerleaders who will be encouraging us on. So grateful for their support and all of yours too!

In addition, what some of you may not know is that this opportunity for me to fundraise for Cancer research came through the Kunzli's, new homeowners at the Peaks at The Pinnacles. For the past fifteen years, the Kunzli's organized and participated in a Ride2Survive event, an epic 400km cycle through two mountain passes over one day in June. Ride2Survive is the largest independent fundraising event for the Canadian Cancer Society. Interestingly, two other Peaks' and Pinnacles' homeowners have taken on this immense physical challenge in the past for Cancer research with the Kunzli's.

The Ride2Survive event morphed this year into individual and small team endurance challenges. David Peerless, one of the townhome owners at the Peaks at The Pinnacles, is one of this year's individual challengers. He completed a 400 km ride over two days in June and is inching close to $14,000.00 raised for Cancer.

This may become a Pinnacles and Peaks tradition.

As an artist, besides running, hiking or just being in the mountains, I love to paint them. Mountains are representative of the challenges people living with cancer face daily. To cycle 400 km through two mountain passes or to run up to the top of a mountain from down in the valley is a feat; yet, I know, after watching and being with my mother, it can't be compared to what it would feel like to be diagnosed with and then be treated for cancer.

If paintings could talk my abstracted painting Beckoning, which has a road that curves and moves from the valley into and through the mountains, was calling out to be part of the action.

As I am not able to insert a picture of this painting in this letter you will be able the painting, if you wish, by going to my website, click the Events tab at the top and scroll down.

I feel honored to donate this painting to Ride2Surive 2020. The winner will be chosen in draw and anyone who donates to any one of this year's individual or team fundraising challengers is eligible.

Warmest wishes,


Jacob finishes his 500km Ride2Survive
Day 2 for Jacob starts now!


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Thursday, 18 August 2022

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