Starve2Survive Blog - $3500 raised!

Introduction Yes, I am starving myself for 96 hours! All in support of the battle against cancer and the suffering it causes. Under the Ride2Survive banner, I am calling my 4-day fast the Starve2Survive. I am not having anything but water and electrolytes. I start at 3pm tomorrow and end at 3pm Saturday, pacific time. And I am going to finish the o...

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Pop-Up Fundraiser - Nicky Kearns

For my 2023 pop-up fundraiser for the fight against cancer I am fasting for 96 hours (4 days, only water and electrolytes), starting Tuesday 20th June. I will finish with a modest bicycle ride on Saturday afternoon, before I eat anything! I call it Starve2Survive (under the umbrella of Ride2Survive), and that means 100% of all monies donated go str...

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Where Does the Research Money Go?

UPDATE: CBC has recently put out an article directly related to this Post from Kevin Murphy: I have wanted for some years now to write a summary report describing the research that our donations contribute to and what outcomes have been generated from that research. It is easy to a...

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My Dear R2S friends

Last week was a very sad week. I lost another friend and colleague to this damn disease at 50 years young. Just bloody wrong. Laura had worked with me in my company since she was 21 years old and was like a part of our family. Four other friends are in various stages of cancer treatment with good and bad prognosis. I am sick and tired of the loss w...

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Why do we all look so Board?

Because we are. Freshly Boarded if you will. On February 4th we convened in the form of a Board meeting and lo and behold we have emerged undaunted. Determined to continue to fight for better health outcomes for all cancer diagnoses. Your Board elections resulted in the following placements: Kerry Kunzli - President Vicki Kunzli - Vice Pr...

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