Jacob finishes his 500km Ride2Survive

Jacob completed his 500km ride2survive this weekend. As life goes (and cancer treatments), the best laid plans are often scoffed at and pushed aside.

Here's Jacob's update from Friday:
"We arrived in Victoria last night but not the way it was supposed to be. I had to abandon my ride yesterday after 162 km due to major safety concerns. It felt like riding on a river with sometimes being splashed over by tidalwaves caused by fast moving semis South of Nanaimo. I decided to stop at our Son's and Daughter-in-law's place with great appreciation specially from Jannie who was very concerned about my safety. So to all who supported me for this epic ride to beat Cancer I will finish the final 100 km on Sunday from Mile 0 to Nanaimo on Jannie's Birthday."

So, today Jacob finished his 500km!

Great job Jacob and Jannie!!! Thank you again for all you do.

Kerry and Vicki. 

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The day before my run

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Guest - David Peerless on Thursday, 09 July 2020 12:11

Awesome job Jacob and Jannie!
Dave P

Awesome job Jacob and Jannie! Dave P
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Thursday, 18 August 2022

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