800km in the dirt - Trainor and Egli are on Day 2!

day-1 Day 1 done...

Rob Trainor and his support driver, Gary Egli, have completed day 1 of their ride on dirt down Vancouver Island Check out the Map for where Rob ended up after Day 1! 3 more to go.

You can donate to Rob efforts here

... and read his story below...

Survive the Divide - Riding the Great Divide for a Cure

COVID 19 has meant the cancellation of large group gatherings and important fundraising events. As the global population get's vaccinated we are beginning to see some light but we are still a LONG WAY from returning to normal. The inability to gather together has meant the cancellation many large fundraising events for many charities. These events are the "life blood" of funding much needed research. Cancer doesn't care about pandemics, it doesnt where a mask it NEVER socially distances, but the need for lifesaving research and treatments continues unabated. This year, like 2020, millions of dollars of desperately needed funding will not get raised unless we do something.

I'm hoping to change that. After riding the historic 400km single day Ride2Suvive from Kelowna to Delta 6 consecutive times, last year I created a virtual off road cycling event and 10 of us rode 200km of dirt trails in a single day. Over those 7 years I've managed to raise approximately $80,000 dollars. I'm greatful for all who supported and donated over the years. I can't thank you enough and you know who you are.

Unfortunately COVID has meant the need for donations has never been greater so to match the increased need I felt I needed to STEP up my game. Starting today, July 21st 2020, I'm embarking on a 11 month campaign to raise a $50,000.00 for cancer research by riding my bicycle 4400kms along the Continental Divide on dirt trails from Canada to Mexico and climbing a total of 200,000 of vertical. That's equavalent to riding up Everest more than 7 times. That Ride is called the GREAT Divide and will be the culmination of the next 11 months in which I hope to complete the event in just 21 days.

To kick off the campaign, and to test my gear and my fitness, I'm going to ride the entire length of Vancouver Island, over the labour day long weekend 2021, from North to South along gravel roads. An approximate distance of 870kms with over 40,000 feet of climbing. This ride has the same daily statistics 220km/day and 10,000 feet/day for four days as the Great Divide Ride will have for 21.

Ride2Survive and 21-Days-of-Dirt are 100% efficient for you the donar. What that means is that 100% of every dollar you donate goes directly to Cancer research here in British Columbia. Nothing is taken off your donation for admin or overhead. Also, you may have notice it is an 11 month campaign that spans two seperate taxation years and I ask that you consider this event for your 2021 and 2022 charitable donations.

The Great Divide Route details: https://bikepacking.com/routes/great-divide-mountain-bike-route-gdmbr 

Thank you in advance for your generous support.

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R2S Fundraising status... WOW!
Rob Trainor is ready!

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Paul Janzen on Friday, 10 September 2021 12:31

Dude you are a bull moose and to see the the Eg man supporting you brings a tear of joy to my eye. Thanks for all that you do. Happy to support you.

Dude you are a bull moose and to see the the Eg man supporting you brings a tear of joy to my eye. Thanks for all that you do. Happy to support you. TP
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