The Ride2Survive is a Fund Raising Club
...with a Cycling Problem!!

  1. Cycling
  2. Walking
  3. Having Fun
  4. Hiking
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Our 2023 events are happening. Here's our current list. When are we adding yours to this?

Event (click title below to find out more) Date Donation Link
Brian Thornburn's Christmas Tree Chipping

Jan 7-8 2023


Nicky's pop up Ride2Survive June 2023 DONATE HERE
Ride2Survive escorted 100+ km ride CANCELLED DONATE HERE
Jacob Koomen's Vancouver Island Ride Aug 26-27 2023 DONATE HERE
Ride2Survive supporting RSVP rest stops in Langley and Port Moody Complete  
Steve’s R2S Weekend to Ride and Run Sep 9 2023 DONATE HERE
Dexter (Dave Peerless) Ride2Survive Sep 23 2023 DONATE HERE
More to come... TBD  
Your event can be here! Contact us...    

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Introduction Yes, I am starving myself for 96 hours! All in support of the battle against cancer and the suffering it causes. Under the Ride2Survive banner, I am calling my 4-day fast the Starve2Survive. I am not having anything but water and electro...
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For my 2023 pop-up fundraiser for the fight against cancer I am fasting for 96 hours (4 days, only water and electrolytes), starting Tuesday 20th June. I will finish with a modest bicycle ride on Saturday afternoon, before I eat anything! I call it S...
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UPDATE: CBC has recently put out an article directly related to this Post from Kevin Murphy: I have wanted for some years now to write a summary report describing the research that o...
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Ride2Survive Research Funding Progress

Ride2Survive Research Funding Progress

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