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...with a Cycling Problem!!

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On our way to $150,000 in Cancer Research Funding

Our 2021 events are happening. Here's our current list. When are we adding yours to this?

Event (click title below to find out more) Date Donation Link
Brian Thornburn's Christmas Tree Chipping Jan 2021 Donate to Brian here

Dave Peerless and the Dexter Realty Team 2021 fundraising

YouTube Interview:

Feb-Dec 2021 Donate to the Dexter Team Here
Crazy Hikers (300km Ride in one day!) Sep 25 2021 Donate to the Crazy Hikers Here
Paul Janzen's Triple Crown Sep 25 2021 Donate to Paul Here
Noelene's Backyard Pub Night (Virtual or Real - COVID dependent) TBD Stand by

Jacob's Ride (500km - two days)

YouTube Interview:

June 19 2021 Donate to Jacob Here
Team Go Getters (5000km Goal) Apr-Dec 2021 Donate to the Go Getters here

Three Riders One Cause

YouTube Interview:

July 10 2021 Donate to Brooke's team here

Rob Geiger - 120k Merritt Crown endurance race

YouTube Interview:

June 19 2021 Donate to Rob Here
Robert Trainor - Riding Vancouver Island Labor Day Weekend Donate to Rob Here
Nicky's Hike2Survive - West Coast Trail July 24-31 2021 Donate to Nicky HERE

Dale's Father's Day Pie Fundraiser

YouTube Interview:

 Up to June 10 Click link to left and order Pie there
Walk 100km Run 200km Ride 300km in 30 Days Aug 2021 Donate to Sonya and Steve Here
Your event can be here! Contact us...    

Latest Blogs

Donate to Paul Here Paul is back for his reunion tour 2021 of the Triple Crown! Pedaling his butt up the 3 iconic mountains in Vancouver... Seymour on road bike, Grouse on mountain bike and Cypress on road bike. What a day!!...
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Donate to the Crazy Hikers Here The Crazy Hikers are at it again. They just helped put on the so successful pole sit and are not satisfied to sit still and what better way to not sit still than to ride their bikes 300km in a day!...
341 Hits
Perhaps this can be called the 50/50/50 weekend now! 50 hours at 50 feet to raise $50k!! What an amazing weekend with crazy weather but even crazier support for the fundraiser. Ride2Survive wants to sincerely thank Amarjit Dhadwar, Surinder Sahdra an...
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Ride2Survive Research Funding Progress

Ride2Survive Research Funding Progress

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