Painting Donation to Ride2Survive 2020 Donor Draw


We're pleased to introduce, Destanne Norris, to Ride2Survive 2020 – our Fund Raising Club with an Endurance Problem.

Destanne will be running 20 km up Silver Star Mountain with two friends on her 60th Birthday on July 6th and was eager to join our club this year to fundraise for Cancer research.

She writes, "I was with my mother shortly after she was diagnosed with lung cancer and thankfully, in a position to be able to live with my parents to help. To be with my mom and watch her go through radiation treatments, to be told chemotherapy would not be an option as the cancer had progressed too far, then pass away a week later, which was just over two months after she was diagnosed – was heart wrenching. I know you all have your own personal stories, as well. And, I know how these experiences may be a one of the main reasons for your endurance challenge.

As an artist, besides running, hiking or just being in the mountains, I love to paint them. To me, mountains are representative of the endurance challenges people living with cancer face daily. To cycle 400 km through two mountain passes or to run up to the top of a mountain from down in the valley is a feat; yet, I know it can't be compared to what it would feel like to be diagnosed with and then be treated for cancer.

If paintings could talk my abstracted painting Beckoning, which has a road that curves and moves from the valley into and through the mountains, was calling out to be part of the action.

I feel honored to donate this painting to Ride2Surive 2020. The winner will be chosen in draw and anyone who donates to any one of this year's individual or team fundraising challengers is eligible. All the best to All! Destanne." 

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Thursday, 18 August 2022

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