300km on Foot in 30 Days


Sonya and Steve Tom are heading out every day in August to accumulate 300km on foot!!

When: August 2020

Where: Lower Mainland

Here's Sonya's story:

I’ve been involved with R2S and other cancer fundraising activities for a number of years and would like to continue to support the Canadian Cancer Society in what ever small way I can!

I’ve set my goal at $3,000.00 – Myself and long time friend, Steve Tom, will be walking/running/foot powering through the month of August in hopes of walking a combined 600KM (300KM each)!

So that's $10 a kilometer, who doesn't have 10 bucks to donate !! :)

But any amount is greatly appreciated!!

Donations to The Ride 2 Survive go directly to the cause, I’ve covered my own costs of “The Ride” so everything raised is a designated donation to research for the Canadian Cancer Society - kept right here in British Columbia!!

Additionally, The Canadian Cancer Society does not take any administrative costs out of your donation for the Ride2Survive, and R2S has made the decision that all money donated goes to the cause! It is money well spent!

Need I say more? Thanks in advance for your support!!! See you on the road or trail or mountain top !

Cheers to you and yours, stay healthy my friends!




Here's Steve's Story:

We started this year planning what the new Ride2Survive would be in 2020. After many meetings in person and online we finally decided on a one day ride from Hope to Tsawwassen. Then the world was hit with COVID-19 and as with every other big event R2S 2020 was cancelled. Unfortunately cancer did not get the memo.

Sonya Black-Cader and I decided we would do our own thing under the Ride2Survive umbrella and are setting out to walk or run 300 kms between August 1 - 30. We are hoping to raise $3,000 each ($10 for each km). We know with COVID-19 we can't be asking for the big donations but perhaps you would be able to sponsor us for a km or more.

We are paying all of our expenses so 100% of your donation goes to cancer research. The Canadian Cancer Society does not take any administrative cost out of your donation for the Ride2Survive.

Our Vision and Mission
Our vision is that everyone is inspired to do something that makes a positive difference in their world… and that we no longer need to fundraise because cancer has been beaten.

Our mission is to raise money for cancer research.

We are 100% volunteer driven.
100% research driven.
100% health driven.
And 100% of your donation goes to research through the Canadian Cancer Society.

Please pledge me and help me reach my fundraising goal! Every pledge takes us one step further in the fight against cancer. Thanks for your support!



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