1st Dirty 200 is done... more this weekend


Hey Everyone...wanted to introduce you to Dory Schjelderup. At 4:30am Wed July 15th,Dory Schjelderup swung his leg over his gravel bike in Squamish BC...he is riding 200km off road today to raise money for cancer research. This is Dory's first year as an R2S participant and he's doing a VERY dirty and difficult 200km and he is doing it all by himself...and it's remote! He is carrying a sat transmitter for safety. If you want to send him some encouragement personally you can email Dory at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. he will get them when he is done. Or send him a text today (he is mostly out of cell coverage all day) but he may ride through a few spots that will provide him updates. I know it would mean alot to him. 

Dory is the first of the Dirty 200 participants. Two more going this weekend, and three (including myself) the last weekend of the month. 

Here was Dory's route:

Last chance to help Steve reach his goal
Day 1 Done!

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Guest - Colleen Ellison on Thursday, 23 July 2020 21:11

Nicely done Dory!!

Nicely done Dory!!:)
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