The Donation Guide

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Get set up for Donations

There is a $258 entry fee for the Ride2Survive that helps pay for all costs of the ride.

Your donation minimum of $2,500 is completely separate from the entry fee and all of the donation money goes directly to the end purpose of cancer research.

Please go to this link , don't log in at the top but rather, scroll down to where it says "Returning participant or user login" and re-use last year's login or join as a new member if you are new to the ride.

Online Donations

The most effective way to get donations is via your email contacts. The donation process is simple and your donor gets a tax receipt right there and then. Your online donations will show up in your total immediately. Make your email personal as to the event, why you are riding, who you are riding for etc... This event is pretty amazing and the more you get that across in your emails, the more donations will show up.

Send emails periodically. Most people will see your email and make a mental note to donate but they lose your email in the sea of others. So, send a reminder and thank you out perhaps a few weeks later.

You can use the built in email function of the donation site or you can just copy the link to your page and include that in an email from your regular email. Do be careful on the number of emails you send out from your personal email as some providers will think you are spamming and block you from sending any more.

Getting missing tax receipts

If your donors lose a tax receipt from an online donation you can get them from your "participant center" on the donation web site. Log in there and look for "view your progress" on the right. That will open a list of your donors and a link to each tax receipt so you can recreate it for them.

For cash and cheque donations

All cheques to be made out to Canadian Cancer Society

Please use the form attached below (you must be logged in to see the form). This form will ensure the donor gets their receipt. Then, get the form and donations to:

Canadian Cancer Society
Attn: Amanda McNally
Suite 860, 625 Howe Street
Vancouver, BC
V6C 2T6

Do Not Mail Cash!  If you can't get to the Society Office in Langley, you can turn cash donations with the filled in forms at the Orientation Meetings.

Your donations submitted this way will end up on your online site total eventually... be patient.

John Hubbard I will ask that the cheque be re-done
John Hubbard Help! I received a donation cheque to be put towards “Team Hubbard” however the cheque is made out to “Ride To Survive”. Do I mail this in to the Canadian Cancer Society and hope they put it towards Team Hubbard’s donation page? Thanks, John Hubbard