Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is that everyone is inspired to do something that makes a positive difference in their world… and that we are riding for fun because cancer has been beaten.

Our mission is to raise money for cancer research.

  • We are 100% volunteer driven.
  • 100% research driven.
  • 100% health driven.
  • And 100% of your donation goes to research.

And what do each of those points mean:

100% volunteer driven:

  • All administration and operational costs covered by rider registration and/or donated goods and services.
  • 0% of your donation is used to run this event.
  • Fully supported ride by volunteers.

100% research driven:

  • 100% goes to research resulting in better prevention and treatment so that one day no one will die from cancer.

100% health driven:

  • We ride our bikes for health and happiness.
  • We laugh. A lot.
  • We care.
  • We inspire.
  • We empower.
  • We connect communities.

100% of your donation goes to research.

  • 0% goes to running this event. Enough said.