Food Provided

Here is the food we will be providing for the volunteers and riders. Any other requirements are your responsibility (power bars, gels etc).

Prior to the Ride 

The Last Supper, the team eats at the Ricky's/ABC Country Restaurant in Kelowna, which is a pasta dinner.  We cover most of the food, but a a good tip for the servers + $5.00 per meal.  (you pay for your beverages as well)  Supper is a spaghetti (GF pasta option) with meat sauce or vegetarian sauce, garlic bread and salad. (buffet style so you can have seconds or thirds)

Breakfast is hosted by the Ricky's/ABC Country Restaurant in Kelowna on Saturday at 2:20am

the staff, chefs and management are volunteering their time to come in and prepare this for us. 

During the Ride

Provided at all stops: 

Upping our sandwich game:   

Johnson Bentally Pool (1st stop @ 4:15am)

Chain Up

Pennask Summit

Chain Off

Merritt - Diamond Vale Elementary (ETA 9:45am) stop time is 45 mins

Cold Water Road/Base of Larson Hill

Britton Creek Rest Stop (ETA 1:20pm)

Hope - Dinner Stop (ETA - 3:30) stop time is 45 mins

Agassiz  (ETA - 5:30pm)

BEFORE MISSION - North Fraser Firehall on Rowan Ave (and hwy 7) - 7:15PM   This is a *NEW Stop location*

Maple Ridge - Planet Ice (ETA 8:40pm) stop time is 15 mins

Delta - 7900 & 120th Street (ETA - 10:40pm)