Rider Checklist

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From the Original Bandura Checklist...

While there are many checklists, this one has become a staple for the Ride2Survive. This list was from our very first ride with minimal support... Some of the items are not required, like first aid kit, since the ride is now fully supported with by the BC Ambulance folks.

  • 3 things that could prevent us from reaching our goal: Fatigue, Cold & Hunger! We can't allow ourselves to get Cold, Tired, or Hungry
  • For clothes, remember that it could be snowing at the top... it is that cold... and we could come down into blistering hot weather in Merritt. Bring lots as your bag will be looked after and available at all stops.
  • You should be snacking every 45-60 minutes eg. Take extra food from each stop in your pocket or bento box.                                        
  • Everyone should be drinking a 500 ml bottle every 60 min. (try one bottle with electrolyte and one with just water) pre mixed Skratch will be provided at the stops.

How to pack your bag for ride day by Kerry Kunzli:


  1. Extra Socks, Thick & Thin
  2. Extra Shoes if you have them
  3. Sun screen Lip & nose balm
  4. Arm warmers x 2 (thick & thin)
  5. Leg warmers x 2 (thick & thin)
  6. Knee warmers
  7. Jersey's x 3 if you have them
  8. Base layer thermal & light weight
  9. Vest x 2 thick & thin
  10. Jacket x 2 wind stopper & team
  11. Gloves x 3 half finger, full finger & wind stopper (thermal)
  12. Cycling Cap or beanie for under your lid
  13. Bug spray (for the climbs if your are riding with me we will need it!)
  14. Bibs or shorts x 3
  15. Tights Thermal (I hope we don't need them)
  16. Small Pack with emergency goodies (shmit tickets, rain cape,1st. aid kit)
  17. Shoe covers or booties for rain, snow, and wind.
  18. Flashing front and tail light are mandatory
  19. Skin Lube, Chamois cream, Bag balm, anti friction lube  -  Edit 10 Jan, GrahamS (if you've not used this before - you need it, trust me)
  20. Cell phone, digital camera - no usage on the ride though... save it for rest stops.
  21. 1 large towel  - Edit  10 Jan, GrahamS (think "Change room")
  22. For those who don't know what # 16 is * Toilet Paper* ie Shmit Tickets! (not required now that we have travelling portapotties with us)
  23. Appropriate eye wear for bright and dull light
  24. Bars and gels what ever you have been using to supplement the food provided. But your stomach will thank you for eating mostly real food. 

Additional: (Jan 10, GrahamS)

     25. Fenders, front and rear with flaps if the forecast calls for that four letter word beginning with R...