I'd like to participate but I don't think I can ride 400km

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For those that would like to ride wiith us, and more importantly, fundraise with us, that don't think they can manage to ride 400km in one day, there is an alternative option for riders to train and fundraise with us and share the actual ride day portion with another rider.  We have an ability to offer two-person "relay" teams a chance to ride with us.  Here's how it works:


  • Relay teams are made up of two riders only, each rider must be prepared and trained well enough to ride half the total distance, including hill climbing, and must be able to "keep up" to the necessary ride pace.


  • Each member of the relay team trains for the ride, you still have to put in the work and training, even half of this distance is not an "easy" day on the bike.


  • Each member of the relay team must raise the minimum $2500.  Let's all remember it's primarily about the MONEY, not the ride.


  • Sometimes both relay members may want to be on the road at the same time, such as at the very beginning and end of the ride, but teams should be prepared that not BOTH riders can be off the the bike at the same time.  We only have a limited ablily to carry people and bikes for "resting" riders, and we need some of that space available at all times as a backup for ALL riders.  Sometimes both members of a relay team ride more distance than they though they would, covering well over 200km each, and that's GREAT!  


All relay teams must be registered as such so that ride organizers can plan and provide adequate rider resting spaces on the ride.