Mia Gabrielson, of Langley, first did the Ride2Survive in 2011. 

She says, "I am riding for family members and friends who have battled cancer and unfortunately, are no longer with us. This is the reason why donations are so important to continue the research on the road for a cure. I support the Canadian Cancer Society their mandate of not only working for a cure for cancer, but the support they give to those living and managing the disease."

She finds support and encouragement from fellow riders and crew. "It's unsurpassed by any other event I have been involved in. It was amazing to ride through various communities and see people standing on the side of the street cheering us on. The welcome in Delta upon our arrival was so emotional; to see so many people there to greet us and show their support made the final leg of our journey home, outstanding."

See Mia's donation page if you'd like to donate to her ride. (100% of your donation will go to the Canadian Cancer Society.)


Did you know that Abhi's doing his PhD in mechatronics systems engineering at SFU Surrey? He's just been profiled on their website.

Abi told us his story: 

I landed in Vancouver Summer 2010, in order to pursue my PhD at SFU. Later that year, I received extra income through a scholarship. I was wonderning what best to do with it: travel to my dream place or accept the offer to join the West Vancouver Cricket Club (my first love) or buy a thinkpad with the latest core i7 processor or contribute to my community. 

It took few more days to decide. I looked around and asked what can I contribute to the present community. It struck me: Why not volunteer for a cancer fundraiser? I looked at a few cancer fundraising events notably the Seattle ride and ride2survive. I thought that I'd have to be crazy to bike that distance, because I haven't even pedaled one stroke before on a road or mountain bike.

Oh well there is always first time for everything in life. I lread and watched all about the bike events, and felt in my heart that ride2survive is where I had to be.

The purpose was huge, and it took a while to digest and feel comfortable within to be a part of this event. This led to my first ride2survive in 2011.


Environment Canada has this to say about Saturday's forecast. 


On the bright side, at least we're leaving Kelowna at 3 am. We should be in Merritt by around 10 am, and the Saturday forecast there is only "periods of rain."

If anyone knows a good sun dance (or at least some kind of "rain rain go away" dance, go for it!