They're getting here!

Lynn and Neil, starting prep on her bike.

The first riders coming off the first bus ...



In the first years of the Ride2Survive, everyone slept in the church, in the pews, downstairs, anywhere they could get a few square feet of snoring space. It's a longstanding tradition now. 

(Some of us princesses prefer to get our 4 hours of sleep in the hotel.)


We're so grateful to the church for hosting us, year after year.

First setup: plug in the refrigerator truck to keep the food fresh.


Waiting for the buses ...


The very nice ladies of the church, prepping the traditional giant spaghetti dinner ...


We caught up with the potty truck just before Merritt ...


And then spotted the tour buses at the Merritt rest stop, so we got out for a couple of photos. This is the ice cream treat stop.

We'll be back here tomorrow, at about 10:30 am. The scary part: At 10:30 am, we'll already have been on the road for almost 7 hours.

Getting back on the bus ... next stop: Kelowna!