It’s a name that evokes memories of that classic 1966 R&B hit (well at least for those of us privileged to live through the 60’s). A lyrical masterpiece of positivity.

“Yesterday my life was filled with rain. You smiled at me and really eased the pain”.


For the R2S family it is a name that begat a bevy of numerically sequenced riders, crew, and supporters each one bringing their unique talents and dedication. So many that Sunny Grewal became “Sunny One” and subsequent Sunnys “Sunny Two” and so on….

“Thank you for the smile upon your face. Thank you, thank you for the gleam that shows its grace”.


His laugh was infectious and along with his smile and whimsical manner formed the substance of his character, and what a character it was.

“Thank you for the sunshine bouquet. Thank you, thank you for the love you brought our way”.


It was a laugh more efficient than a GPS tracker. Want to know where Sunny was in the peloton? Just pause for a moment and wait for it. There he is. Not given to a singular burst but more a series of chortles that engaged everyone within earshot.

You gave to us your all in all, and now we feel ten feet tall”.


You were a skilled and innovative fundraiser and showed tireless effort representative of your dedication to our cause. We are all better for having known you. 

“Sunny One so true, we love you”

Toilet Paper Paul

Lyrics by Bobby Hebb (pronoun plurality amended for artistic purposes)


Today I was driving through Surrey after work, as I took a sip of water in my R2S water bottle, I catch a glimpse of the traffic behind me in my rear view mirror.  Back a distance, I saw what appeared to be the R2S Honda civic.  After a light and a lane change, I can now clearly see it is in fact the R2S civic driving passed me.  In this moment I get a rush of those same feelings from the event day / evening.  A few words that come to mind are proud, honoured, and humbled to be part of such and incredible event.  There are truly no words to describe what a person feels when participating in the ride 2 survive as a crew member.  I can only imagine what the riders feel, as their bodies literally feel ever second of the ride itself.

At our group meeting and sharing session, the question "why are you here?" was asked to the group.  I was so overwhelmed with emotions which had been building for the months, weeks, days and hours leading up to the ride, I was barely able to say much of anything before the emotions were trying to burst out.

I had originally signed up for R2S after being at the welcome in for 2017.  When everyone starting rolling in, I knew this event was in on a grand scale, something I not only wanted to be a part of, but needed to be a part of. I registered as soon as I could, still not knowing what any of this meant.  A few seconds into our group meeting, I knew what all this was and why we were all there. 

Instantly, these strangers sitting around me, were somehow now mh family. I was there for them. I was there to continue the fight for my brother who was sitting beside me as a 10 year brain cancer survivor.  I was there to continue the fight for my dear friend and her 2 young boys who on valentines day this year lost their best friend, husband and father. I was there for myself,  who at 33 was one of the lucky ones who was diagnosed early with stage 0 cervical cancer, which for me, meant my treatment was surgery and 6 weeks recovery and I would be healthy again. I was there for my Nana, Grandad, and Uncle....the list, sadly, could go on and on....

One thing I learned watching my brothers amazing fight for his life, is that cancer may be a beast, but it is not as strong as it thinks. I learned that your battle starts and ends with how you choose to fight.  If you stand together to fight cancer, you've already won! It may take your body, but it will never, ever, take your soul!

A song I hold dear to my heart and soul, which has continued to repeat whenever I think of R2S is "Rise up" by Andra Day.  Let's continue our fight every way possible! Until 2019 R2S! 

A very special thank you to the Kunzli Family for starting the Ride 2 Survive, and to every single person who has contributed in some way shape or form, THANK YOU. I has been an honour and privilege to be a part of the R2S Family.  I truly am humbled and blessed by all of you. Thank you!❤ 

Much love and light my R2S Family!❤Jaimie


so i decided to write my first blog on here since im at the libary its been a journeyboth my mom and i love  volunteering with the ride2survive meeting amazing people that are all hoping to one day stop cancer i lost my grandma aka my moms mom from bone cancer so one day we hope we could stop cancer 



Nice to see all of you that was at the windup party. Everyone looked great! So nice to see people without a helmut. LOL

Someone accidently took my large white shallow dish home thinking it was theirs. I have yours so if you could check and let me know so we can do the swap.