we have numerous angels in our family tree.  Each went through their cancer ordeal with great courage. 

We remember those that have left us and those that are living with cancer today.  Don Bruce our son’s father in law has just finished treatment on his spine. The third type of cancer in the last 15 years.  At 76 he is a hero.

My aunt Eleanor Dugaro at 73 has survived breast cancer twice in the last 12 years.

We say a prayer every day that our children and grand children will not experience this disease.

Thank you for all that you do !

Tom and Lorraine Bascombe


Pub Night at The Dublin Crossing Irish Pub

Cohosted by Shawn & Erin Elliott, Craig & Brandi Garden

Saturday, March 2nd 6pm 

Tickets are $20 and include a burger and drink.

Please contact one of us by Monday if you would like to purchase a ticket! Thank you for your support ?.


It was a cloudy day, the rain was just about to start. I was just watching nature.It was a cloudy day, the rain was just about to start. I was just watching nature.Soon the rain started. I saw droplets coming, but those drops were so tiny, it was even hard to see them on the ground. But as time passed I saw small droplets becoming big droplets, and then the big droplets becoming puddles, and then I saw those big puddles take the shape of streams, then other streams appeared and they all poured along in the same direction. I saw that, even as the rain stopped, there were still more streams going in the same direction , all getting together to become rivers, able to cross any hurdlesThen I imagined how these small rivers are going to become raging torrents I can see in them the power, the determination, to go towards a common goal. That small drop now never stops, always moving towards a final destination, getting closer and closer. This Power of Unity, the Power of Determination, made them into a big river. I was comparing this with "us", this rain started 14 years ago , small drops united together to become a big stream and then a river and then a torrent. Like those small drops, we know our goal, we are determined,we are a river now and one day we will definitely reach our sea , our goal.


Ready for some good food, drinks and a guaranteed good time?! Come join us for a pub night to raise funds for Ride2Survive. When:                 Thursday, March 14th at 6pm Where:                Townhall South Surrey - 3140 King George  Cost:                    $25 Includes:             Burger, fries and a drink Activities:           Toonie toss & 50/50 If you would like to join us for a fun filled evening on a Thursday, please send an email and e-transfer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Security question: What fundraiser is this for? Password: R2S