Wow what a great day!

Thank you Vicki, Kerry, Ride Captains, Fellow riders, SAG, all the wonderful Volunteers, police, Ambulance, sponsors and everyone that donated. Below is a little story about why this meant so much and how important the team is to me.

In 2015 I did the ride and enjoyed it so much I signed up for 2016 as soon as it came on line. Unfortunately in December of 2015 I started getting sick violent coughing, trouble breathing and really tired. I could barely walk up a flight of stairs without being out of breath and having to rest at the top of the stairs. After many months of seeing different DR’s and many tests I was diagnosed with COPD a progressive lung disease. I started to read and learn more about this disease and the DR’s tried many medications from Nebuilizers and pills to puffers. 2016 Ride day was approaching and I tried a few times to ride but could not due to breathing difficulties. On ride day 2016 I stayed in bed all day feeling depressed and sorry for myself. Still not breathing well.

After ride day 2016 the Dr’s found the right medication and my breathing started coming back to a new normal. I started slowly in the Gym and then got on the bike. I found when my heart beat starts going up my breathing becomes rather loud and short as I have trouble getting the air out. For those of you that have ridden in my general vicinity you can hear me behind you in front of you and beside you, sorry about that.

I want to say thank you to everyone on R2S I don’t know how many times I have been riding up a hill breathing hard and the person beside me says are you ok? do you need a hand? And the many ride captains that make sure they stayed close to me on the training rides and encourage me. They tell me that I can make it your words and actions helped me dig deeper and get up the hills, Thank you.

As I look back on the ride I wanted to let you know this is not about me doing the ride this is about what we all do in our ride every year. We are determined, We are focused, We are realistic, We work through the pain and we talk ourselves into continuing. No matter what life serves up you need to get up and fight back. Never ever give up as a team we are stronger and we can do it!

I look forward to 2018. 



In past years I’ve posted my thoughts on the Sunday, this year June and I decided to go off the grid for a few days, read a book and relax, some time alone to recharge the batteries.  With Rochelle and myself riding across Canada Sept. 6, training continues and more important our fundraising efforts must keep going.

Funny how our R2S training rides change from year to year.  Last year we had a 175 km ride in relentless rain which was actually a blessing for me, a knock on the head for what I needed to pack for the different seasons ride day brings.  This year’s training rides put us a month behind schedule with no preparation of the weather we were going to endure.  I remember leading out with Ryan in the snow and rain, getting “exterior” brain freeze as the snow and hail settled in my helmet.

A provincial extreme heat weather warning for a 400 km ride up and over 2 mountain passes, are you kidding me?  I know 90% of us including myself are not uber athletes so this was quite a task. What we as crew and riders have is a heart full of gumption and determination, a ton of emotion knowing that the funds we have raised again this year,  will make difference in lives of those now and in the future afflicted with a cancer.  What we have is a family brought together that lasts forever, what we have is riders/crew in arms on ride day who will put each other first, looking out for each other’s needs keeping each other safe.

As a member of R2S, we all know this.  It’s something that those who read our posts will understand if they decide to join for 2018, this door is open for you, please jump in the circle, if not, you will be missing out a life experience that will help you become a better person.

From me, “thank you crew” at the end of each stop meant more and more, I think you took particular pleasure in dumping ice cold water down our backs.  For our escorts, Police and Ambulance it was a hot sunny weekend that we took you from your families and stuffed you in your cars. No words can express our gratitude and how much of a integral part of R2S you provide for us.  No escorts,  no ride.  To my fellow riders, another year in the books,  great job.  Kerry and Vicki, there is nothing more I can say that I haven’t said before, except again, thank you.  To my family, thank you again for your support, Chris for road crewing/5th year and to everyone who donated, supporting myself and June.

To the Ride 2 Survive family, thank you for making me a better person, if I can offer any advice moving forward, never ever ever ever stop making homemade crepes with peanut butter and jam for the second stop!