Join a few of us today at Fresh St Market at Panarama/Sullivan Station in Surrey! We are spinning out our legs and selling raffle tickets until late this afternoon.  One rider has promised us 20km on his trainer(he missed yeterdays‘s training ride!)

Come by! We have debit and credit! Buy your mom a ticket to win and CRV or a trip for two from Air Canada or $1000 from Scan Designs! 


Team training update from Vancouver
April 27
60 riders - ridiculous wind…to say the least.  (a true wind storm in Vancouver, and what does r2s do, we go for a bike ride)
86 km
Ride started in Vancouver and went out to the windy city of Richmond. Riding the Iona Airport road and out to steveston.
This ride tested the team in the winds, which is what we will get for sure leaving Hope.  Anchor that butt in the saddle and pedal.
SAG support Kerry, Jannie, Satbir and Linda
Thanks to Rich for the route and leading the group thru Richmond and Vancouver.
News update - The Kunzli welcomed a new baby girl, 3 weeks early.  Congratulation to Aimee, Evan, and big sister Renée.
April 28 - Bridge Brunch fundraiser.  
Thanks to Bridges Restaurant and Tap and Barrel for hosting this amazing event for the 8th year.  Sold-out at 173.
All money from the tickets, and auction items raised over $22,000.
Not a penny is used to pay for the food, the servers, the chefs, the venue, the auction items or even the Auctioneer who comes up from Arizona on his own dime and pays for his own ticket.
May 4
50 rider, with winds heading to Tswwassen and back and the out and backs on Colebrook road
Ride started from Caps South Shore today.  
Thanks to Rich, Natasha, Simon and Adam for SAG support
Thanks to Kerry and Al for leading the ride today.
Well done team!
May 5 - The ride2survive supports the BMO marathon and Half Marathon with stepping as the bike marshals.   This is an international athletic event that we have been supporting for 6 years.   The marathon is sold out with 18,000 runners.    We will be out supporting this event from 6am to 4pm.  
Next ride is May 11….out to the Fraser Valley.  This ride will focuses on the climbs, and flats.  
We are 5 training rides out from Ride day…or 48 days and counting.  
How is your fundraising going for the crew and riders? Remember, we have raffle tickets to help you and help us reach our $1 Million goal.  This is important for the entire team to be part of.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get yours.

The pole sit fundraising events are scheduled for June 7-9 and June 14-16.  Email to sign up will be out soon.

Vicki out 


Vancouver Pub Night for all R2S people to raise your own donations! How?

1. Sell tickets.

2. Donate an auction item or more. We would love any alcohol items or stays-away as well as we are short on such items.

3. Attend and bring your raffle tickets, as we always run out!

Event is on 31st May at Mahony and Sons Burrard Landing in Downtown Vancouver, from 5:30pm till 9pm. Bring yourgenerous friends!


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