The Ripple Effect

When you start something like Ride2Survive, you don’t really know where it will go or what effect it will have.

Ride2Survive is like that. We started as just a crazy long, hard ride and to raise awareness and some money for the cancer cause. That first one in 2005 inspired us to repeat it and make it better and bigger not knowing what could or would happen.

Years later we look out to the ripples as they steadily move and spread out, impacting more people all the time. These are some of the ripples:

  • Your donations of $7M to research has moved diagnosis and treatment along to make outcomes better.
  • Families have changed as parents and children take part in an entirely volunteer event… we have seen kids "grow up" in Ride2Survive.
  • Some families have been created out of relationships started at Ride2Survive
  • Many, many members now ride or do other physical / athletic activities who never did until they got involved in Ride2Survive.
  • Many members have never volunteered for anything until they took part in Ride2Survive and now they are contributing back in other areas of their community.
  • The pride in our crew and riders who fully understand what “all volunteer” really means along with what can be accomplished with no costs coming out of donor dollars.
  • The effect of a ride-by visit to a cancer fighter is impossible to describe except that we have been to several funerals for some of those fighters and while the ride-by visit was only 10 or 15 minutes of their whole life, we see pictures of the ride-by and the Ride2Survive impact at the funeral along-side their whole life story. How can that be?  But it is.
  • The year after year buy-in from the many businesses who fully donate goods to help us operate the event because they know and want all the donors' money going to researchers, not costs.

Perhaps the best way to describe the ripple effect from this 'thing' we call Ride2Survive are the words we have heard many times; "you have changed my life".

If you would care to make a donation please go to and select a rider/volunteer to donate to.

And if you've read this far, just to show you how it hits home, we just got word this evening (Wed, June 20th) that one of our very strong riders from last year has been moved into hospice today. One year from no problem to hospice. His wife, who rode with us as well, says he's fought enough and it is time to rest… we can't imagine.

And if all that isn’t clear, sometime, just ask any of our team why we do Ride2Survive…

Follow us, live, on ride day this Saturday June 23rd at

Kerry and Vicki Kunzli 


I've been thinking how hard it is to fundraise when in reality people are very generous.

Some thoughts:

-Ask, ask again and then ask again! We are desensitized to email and your message may be getting lost. Phones still work!

-remember how impactful R2S is and tell the story.

-inspire people with your efforts and tell them what your fundraising goals are.     Ride 2 Survive is hard!

-You have cheerleaders-get them to help. Ask them to help you raise funds.

-Tell them to go to the website, videos etc. What a great story!

                                                       This is why we all work so hard training; to raise funds!!


Oh, and don't forget to ASK!

Dave P




It's one week to go before I get on my bike for my first ever R2S! So to celebrate this weeks count down, and the fact I just got my jersey, I issued out a challenge to all my friends and family because no one stops fundraising ever. As Kerry & Vicki say the riding is secondary, it's the fundraisng that counts.

I've already raised another $205 in 12hrs using this challenge so I challenge you all to do the same...I have no doubt I'll get beyond my $400 easy peesy.

If we all raised another $400 before ride day it would be another $50, I'm just a hockey player by trade but that's math even I can understand!

Here is my social media post and a link to it here:¬if_id=1529266003838696¬if_t=feed_comment 

Ok peeps I’ve got a CHALLENGE for ya and I need your help. In 7 short days I will be putting this butt, wearing this jersey, on a bike seat for 18 short hours. 400km in 1 day. 1. That’s a lot o’ bike seat...
Help me raise $400 in the next 7 days before I go. That’s $1 for every KM. It all goes to cancer research and who doesn’t know someone impacted by this awful disease. Dig deep. No donation is too small. I’ll take $5 if that’s all you got. Click here…/…/Otherspecialevents/IFE_BC_even_… to donate now! And if I can’t get $400 more for my ride than the next boomerang will be of Ryan in my R2S bike shorts. You’ve been warned. You can also go to and search for my name Ride2Survive #ride2survive

Brooke R2S Challenge


I am excited to do the Ride 2 Survive again for a ton of reasons.....  obviously to continue the real fundraising efforts to beat Cancer.....  because my good friend Ryan Correy just lost a 9 month battle that came swiftly and without mercy to claim an extraordinary 35 year old.... but also because my Mom was diagnosed this year and is fighting the 80% fatality odds with all that she has.  The list of those we have lost is far too long..... Norma, Stacey, Kim, Ray, Ruby, and so many more.

And maybe not so obvious..... I nearly died in a bike crash in 2015 when I was going nearly 70kph in a race in a light rain, and the bridge deck aparently was covered in algae.... 

So I am riding because I love to ride and it is a privilage to do so.  (in spite of how I may feel about sitting on a bicycle seat around about Hope or Mission).

Happy Training everyone!!


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