How am I going to reach my Fundraising Goal?

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Hi all,

Fundraising can be challenging and even intimidating. Most of us are putting in a ton of work on the bike and in organizing, but we often shy away from the fundraing aspect. We say to ourselves, "Well, I asked my family, friends and co-workers, and I've reached out to the other riders, but what else can I do?"

I've been fundraising for this event for 11 years, and while my family, friends, co-workers, and other R2S members have been supportive and generous, I've never reached and exceeded my fundraising goal by just asking these people.  

I've reached that goal by reaching out to the general public. By asking strangers. By organizing events of my own and getting involved in events organized by others that reach out to a huge number of people.

For example, a few of us R2S members spent the day at a local grocery store last Sunday May 12th for Mothers Day, selling raffle tickets and asking for donations. In 10 hours we raised $2500 for the cause. All from the generosity of strangers.

Pub nights can generate thousands of $ in one night - but ask NON R2S people to come out. Get the whole pub involved with a Silent Auction or a 50-50 draw (see note about a required gaming license below)

So, R2Sers, get out there! Organize your own events - there are other special days we could likely get in on - "Win dad a car for Father's Day!" (June 16th 2019)

"Pole Sit" fundraisers can generate $30,000 in one weekend. There are 2 of these events planned, so get involved in one and you get a share of the $$$ on your fundraising page.

If you need help with ideas, reach out. Note - fundraising at malls requires permission, sometimes insurance, etc. 50-50 draws and other types of draws require a gaming license! Do NOT do one without this. See Michel Chiasson for license details - he needs a month notice.

Ask me questions, I can help out.

Graham Street  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.