Be Part of Something Great!


Dear R2S Team,

Would you like to be part of our upcoming fundraiser for R2S? If so, please consider joining us at Goldstone Park Elementary (6287- 146 Street Surrey, B.C. Canada) next Friday (April 12) at 8:40 am. We are planning an assembly to kickstart a daffodil fundraiser for the R2S in support of The Canadian Cancer Society. 

All you have to do is show up with your bike and R2S kit and give the kids something to get excited about! We have over 700 students, and hope to raise over $1000. We are selling paper daffodils to students over the next few weeks (minimum donation is a loonie). 

You have two options: ride in with Shawn Elliott from our house (11161 64 A. Ave. Delta), leaving at 8:00 am sharp or meet at Goldstone Park Elementary by 8:40 am. Our assembly will start around 8:50 am, and our R2S part should be wrapped up by 9:30

Please let Erin Elliott know if you are able to be part of something great! Any questions, please ask:)

Thank you so much,


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