Sunny One



It’s a name that evokes memories of that classic 1966 R&B hit (well at least for those of us privileged to live through the 60’s). A lyrical masterpiece of positivity.

“Yesterday my life was filled with rain. You smiled at me and really eased the pain”.


For the R2S family it is a name that begat a bevy of numerically sequenced riders, crew, and supporters each one bringing their unique talents and dedication. So many that Sunny Grewal became “Sunny One” and subsequent Sunnys “Sunny Two” and so on….

“Thank you for the smile upon your face. Thank you, thank you for the gleam that shows its grace”.


His laugh was infectious and along with his smile and whimsical manner formed the substance of his character, and what a character it was.

“Thank you for the sunshine bouquet. Thank you, thank you for the love you brought our way”.


It was a laugh more efficient than a GPS tracker. Want to know where Sunny was in the peloton? Just pause for a moment and wait for it. There he is. Not given to a singular burst but more a series of chortles that engaged everyone within earshot.

You gave to us your all in all, and now we feel ten feet tall”.


You were a skilled and innovative fundraiser and showed tireless effort representative of your dedication to our cause. We are all better for having known you. 

“Sunny One so true, we love you”

Toilet Paper Paul

Lyrics by Bobby Hebb (pronoun plurality amended for artistic purposes)

Vicki Kunzli This is totally Sunny 1. Thank you Paul for putting this together and sharing it. A beautiful tribute. He will be very missed and remembered.