Megan McNeil

It is with heavy hearts we write this.
Many of you who have been involved in the Ride2Survive for some time will know who Megan McNeil is.
For those who don't, Megan has been a long time friend of the Ride2Survive.  Megan was struck with cancer 5 short years ago when she was about to turn 16.  At only 20, this past Friday January 28th, cancer took her from us all.
Vicki and I will forever miss her welcoming smile and huge hug at every arrival of the Ride2Survive... even while in treatment, Megan would greet us with her parents Suzanne and Dave.  Megan's "Bucket List" included the Ride2Survive. 
Our hearts go out to Megan's parents, Dave and Suzanne. 
Megan turned to music while in Children's Hospital and penned her song "The Will to Survive". There is a unique version for the Ride2Survive on our site. She sang her song for us in 2007 when we arrived home in Delta. She was in treatment at the time. It was a moment that those who were there will never forget.
Megan's official version is on itunes and you can get all the information and contribute to the cause at
This Friday at the Ride2Survive Indoor Challenge we will honor Megan.

Kerry and Vicki.