Weeks and days before R2S


As a newbie to the crew for R2S, I have no idea what to expect out of this day/night.  All I know at this point, is that it is this spectacular event where all these people get together to ride 400kms in a single day, with a large support crew.  I also know by now from the emails and fb posts that this event is very involved by all the people.  Again, still really not knowing the power of this event.

I was unfortunately unable to make the meeting as I had previous commitments with my kids, so still not knowing or feeling the magnitude of R2S.  

All I knew at this point is that I was excited to be a part of the R2S event.

Throughout the night before meeting at caps, and the bis ride up, I was getting a little nervous about the ride.  Even though I was crew, I didn't want to mess up and so on.  I knew only about 3 or 4 people throughout all the people involved, and this was something so far out of my comfort zone for me, that nerves were getting me.  So I took a deep breath and knew all would be ok and carried on and dozed off on the bus ride up, knowing we were all in for a long ride home....