The list


As I think about what this r2s team has accomplished in 14 years, I feel my heart grow, tears well up in my eyes, and a lump in my throat. 

My head is a Rolodex of names, faces, lost ones, survivors, riders, crew, supporters, donors, friends and strangers.

I have intense feelings, I am sensitive to it all and yes, I can even lose my cool. (For that I am sorry)

First, there are 2 people that have been part of r2s from that first ride, and whether they have ridden every year or not, they have been on the crew and stayed part of the team.   Thank you to Shawn Elliott and Kerry Kunzli for your continuous support and involvement for a full 14 years. 

Thank you Caps Southshore Cycle for your 14 years of ongoing support and for starting this crazy idea of a one day ride with 17 guys.  

The list is long, read on.

The list of a few stats from Ride day:

The list of what is done to make this all happen.

The months/weeks leading up to ride day:

  1. The making of the bead bracelets - 225 of them
  2. Doing the Swag Bags - 250 of them (for our supporters, crew and riders)
  3. Picking up the stuff to put into the SWAG bags
  4. The Graphic Teams (Erin G for the printed materials, water bottles, rider names and Jason for the Car wrap and t-shirts)  
  5. The fundraising Organizers for the pole sits - Ryan Beaumont, Rob Wright, Rich Gestle, Graham Street, Aileen Maas and Michelle Szulc plus all those that donated their time to help and shake the can.  
  6. The hotel group block of rooms
  7. Securing the Friday dinner and breakfast location and food
  8. The Surrey Honda Banquet - Nasir
  9. Bridges Brunch - the Kunzli family
  10. Picking up vehicles and trailers for ride day (and the Flex for every training ride)
  11. The website administration
  12. Registration and waiver paperwork
  13. The Logistic plan 
  14. The Operation plan
  15. The traffic plan
  16. The stop plan
  17. The food plan
  18. The package vehicle plan
  19. The insurance for every city, highway and municipality we ride thru
  20. The police plan
  21. The critical incident plan
  22. The transportation to Kelowna on the buses (or coming in from other parts of the province and out of province)
  23. The transportation for the bikes to Kelowna
  24. The security guard who watches the bikes overnight in Delta
  25. The t-shirt design 
  26. The printing of the t-shirts
  27. Ordering the rider numbers
  28. The Rider #85 flags
  29. The food prep teams prior to ride day
  30. The Delta send off crew who hand out the SWAG bags
  31. The food pick up and drop off teams prior to ride day
  32. The Friday night meeting
  33. The vehicle decals
  34. Raffle organization, raffle ticket on-line sales and accounting
  35. Securing the meeting room for Friday night (that just about didn’t happen 1/2hr before the meeting was to start)
  36. Organizing the food drop for Merritt and Hope to be heated up
  37. Putting the bikes back together
  38. Passing over the Talking Stick to the guardians for the year
For ride day, you had: The days/weeks after the ride:

The list is long, and I think of the jobs to do through the months/weeks leading up to the ride, ride day, and following after the ride.  

It all magically comes together and then Poof it's done. 

Thank you to all those who do what they do to pull it all together.

Reflect on what you have been part of, share your story (send out an email, tell your friends, family and strangers, ask for one more donation) join the Ride2Survive Facebook group, send out your blog from the ride2survive website.    

Photos will be uploaded over the next few weeks on the website and via Facebook. 

The fundraising totals - $715,000 and growing.  (I encourage you to visit the Canadian Cancer Society donation fundraising site we have set up to watch the scrolling names and donations)

You have volunteered your time (and your families have supported you).  You made a donation of money and maybe put up a fundraising page, thank you.  You are part of the fight for cancer research projects which leads to treatments, and this is from the research dollars we raise.  

It IS 100% about what we are doing to change the outcomes of a cancer diagnosis.

Riders and Crew you did it!  Congratulations.  

What a day and one to go down in the books.

For the riders, you get to ride under police escort on highways you would maybe never do alone or in one day.  Stronger together.   Celebrate each pedal stroke you did and each kilometer.  Whether riding 1 leg, or all, celebrate what you did, not what you didn't do. 

We lost two of our r2s team in the year, one in the early part of the year, Maria, and one the day after the ride, Bruce.  They are not forgotten, our hearts are broken and they will be remembered as part of the r2s team forever.  My memory is strong and vivid.

How many will be diagnosed this year and next, and how many will we lose? That is my constant fear. 

Last, to my family, who without you it would not happen at all.  I do this for you and the sheer fear of knowing the we are not immune to getting what we are fighting for.  Kerry, Kelsy, Ryan, Aimee, Evan, Katie, JC, and Renée, for being my anchor, having my back and being involved as a family together.  

Until year 15…Vicki out