Second year transformation!

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We survived once again, safely and supported by the incredible team built by Kerry, Vicki, their family and friends who form the core of Ride2Survive.

Personally, as a second year rider, I found a transformation took place from last years desire to attempt this crazy event due to a very personal connection to cancer and its effects on friends and family, and an interest in the physical challenge R2S represents. Then, it was a matter of trying to train, raise funds and as an individual, have a successful ride.

While I saw the volunteers and coordination of the event and admired the efficiency of all that is R2S, I had no idea what really went on to ensure a successful and safe event.

Some time during this years training and fundraising effort, the lights went on. I now get it! The ride itself is an ad, a symbol of commitment for a group of people that have a very focused, very personal connection with doing something to beat this damn disease. The founders and the team that has come together for the riders, are a unique and powerfully focused group of people who have exactly the same motivation and goals.

We should all recognize the incredible efforts of every volunteer who feed, hydrate, secure, protect, organize and herd us to our goal!.The ride and training captains were as always, amazing. They support, teach and then take the brunt of any adverse conditions we might find on the road. Without their hurculean effort we may not have the same success year after year. This year the effort at the front was truly amazing in blocking all that wind! In their spare time, they are up and down the line encouraging and training us to be safe and more efficient in group riding; incredible!

Kerry's email about fundraising truly hit home and the efforts by everyone showed as we quickly exceeded our team goal.

Goals are meant to be broken so keep at it, people want to support R2S, we just have to ask!

I am lucky to be part of this family, and year two has added clarity to understanding the reality of R2S!

See you next year; the training has begun.

David Peerless