I'm curious how you feel now

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Hey everyone,

A thought or question I was thinking abour for all the 1st timers this year, whether as a rider or part of the crew.

Last year was my first year participating in the R2S. I was invited by Tom Devlin (thank you Tom) and said sure I would do this with him. If you recall, I'm the 10yr brain cancer survivor guy. Anything to help with cancer research and I'm in. I can honestly say that I said yes without thinking about what I had agreed too lol. 

I went through 3 stages last year. 

At first, I just felt like an INDIVIDUAL PERSON joining this cancer research event. I wasn't very involved with much of the pre-ride 'stuff '.

During the night before meeting Kelowna, it hit me that we were more than a group of individual people, we were in fact a TEAM of people with the same goal of cancer research, ridding the world of this horrible disease.

At some point during the ride, watching all us do our 'jobs' with such precision it hit me, and hit me hard. We are a FAMILY unlike any I've ever been a part of. When I felt tired and was ready to stop, watching everyone else work their hardest, brought a smile to my face, a renwed energy and a sense of pride to help finish what we started. 

So, I'm curious to know in all homesty if anyone felt the same way this year. That progression of feeeling that I went through.