My Top 11 Moments of 2018

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In no particular order-

  1. Sitting out the Hope descent and watching the support crew set up for dinner. Dang, these volunteers work hard, and I firmly believe every rider should sit a leg out and watch what the other half of the team does.
  2. Sitting out the Hope descent, knowing I would need strong legs for the windy journey home from Hope. Riding in the motorhome with June and Al into Hope, recapping our day to that point.
  3. Sitting out the Hope descent and seeing the magnificent Amerjit Dhadwar by himself, on the side of the highway, picking up debris off the road so that the riders would have no obstacles in their way on their descent. Even writing this brings me tears. This man cares so much about us. Selfless, funny, strong. He is our Grand Pooba, our Godfather, our friend.
  4. Watching Katie Kunzli blossom in her sisters’ footsteps by managing the volunteers at the rest stops and taking control of the masses. You rocked it.
  5. Realizing 4 out of my 10 moments involved not being on my bike.
  6. Watching Vicki Kunzli work her magic with the whole team, especially the riders. This woman traveled backwards for 20 hours encouraging us, reminding us to drink, giving us inspiration, impressing us with her dance moves and instilling a YES YOU CAN mantra throughout the day.
  7. Watching my husband, Graham Street, rock this ride, taking a page from Kerry Kunzli’s book and continuously riding up and down the peloton talking and coaching riders. He had no voice by the end of it and I’m sure rode an extra 10km’s just doing that.
  8. Witnessing the growth in Michael Meade Jr. over the years. This ‘kid’ has blossomed into a young man with integrity, grit, and sense of humor. He was a strong ride captain this year and our youngest rider!!
  9. Wearing 2 pairs of shorts the last 150km home! This saved me!! Thanks for the idea Jenni.
  10. Being a part of the “Pick Six” Ride Captains who pacelined the front to fight the headwinds and get the team from Hope to Mission. Those km’s went by in a hearbeat, thanks to the dynamic duo of Gladys We and Vicki. Although I wasn’t thrilled to climb DeRoche Hill at Rich’s pace ?
  11. Not part of ride day but THE POLE SIT the weekend previously. It was a huge fundraiser, raising over $26,000 for Cancer Research. Being up there with Rich and Graham was truly fun, even with the high winds! The team came together to shake cans on the ground, feed us, and make sure we had everything we needed up there. We were truly taken care of.

  Thank you to everyone who helped make 2018 another safe and memorable year.