10 years...

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10 years.

Age 41 to age 50.

1/5 of my life so far.

However I look at it, it seems like a very long time and an eyeblink all at once. If someone had told me before my first ride I'd still be doing this 10 years later, I'm not sure I'd have believed them. This year was hard with the headwinds, but it's ALWAYS hard. I struggled with the aches and pains, but who didn't? I spent as much of my day as I could trying to work for the team, and as anyone that heard me at the end would confirm, I wore my voice right out. I'll bet some of you weren't disappointed by that. ;^) On my way home I predicted that when I woke up on Sunday I'd sound like Barry White in a walker...I was close on that description, but a wheelchair might have been more appropriate, at least for a while. I spent Sunday with my family that came all the way from Campbell River to make sure Siobhan and I got home safely.

Thank you all for reminding me once again why it is all so important. For sharing your stories. For giving of yourselves. I've only really done a few truly important things in my whole life - and this is definitely right up near the top.