The R2S Angles

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Today is Monday June 25th and I'm at work, but all I can think about is the day of June 23rd. I know that for the next few days the Ride2Survive film will play over and over again in my mind. The ride is over now, but the joy and happiness in my heart will stay with me for a long time, long enough to want to do this again next year, and the year after that.

I am probably the only one in the Ride2Survive history that had to deal with two flat tires before the ride has even started. It turned out that the brand new tire on my rear wheel has decided it didn't want to do this ride, and it took me two tubes to figure that out. It would have been a lot more stressful if it happened during the ride, so I'm happy it turned out like that.

Last Saturday I was part of the crew between Kelowna and Hope, and I was a rider from Hope to Delta.
This gave me the opportunity to see this event from different angles, and to better understand how complex it is.
The crew was absolutely fantastic. It was amazing to see a lot of people working as one, efficient yet joyful. How often do you get the chance to meet people for the first time, and feel right away as if we're all part of the same family?

I also made a new friend. I had the chance to ride two legs from Merritt to Britton Creek in one of the police cars with Constable Mike Whiteley from Delta Police. It was fascinating to see the effort and the focus required to keep everyone safe from 3:30 AM until midnight, and it was a priviledge for me to get to know the wonderful person behind the uniform. Thank you Mike!

I feel fortunate to be part of the R2S family, and I want to express my gratitude to everyone who makes this event possible, in no particular order:

  • to our donors and our families, because without your generous support and your patience, this ride would not exist
  • to the crew, because without your work to drive the support vehicles, to fix mechanical problems, to prepare the food and keep an eye on each rider and make sure they have everything they need all the time, to make sure we're all healthy and stay that way, the ride wouldn't exist
  • to the police, because without your protection the ride wouldn't exist
  • to the riders, because without your dedication and hard work not only during the ride, but mostly during the months preceding it with all the training and fundraising challenges, the ride wouldn't exist
  • to the Kunzli family, because without you the ride would not exist
My words could never make justice to Ride2Survive, as the emotion and the sense of accomplishment that we all feel during the ride, regardless of our contribution, are not easy to describe.
All I know is that I can't wait for next year's ride, when I'll get the chance to experience these feelings once again.

For Dad, for Anca, and everyone else.