So the R2S Blog starts

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Well, apparently blogging is good for us so we are going to join into it and see how it goes for the Ride2Survive!

For now, I'll give you an update on things we are in the midst of doing and planning and have done.


  1. Ride2Survive Strategic Planning
    • Sounds boring but it really isn't because we have so many dedicated people who take their own time and donate it to such a worthwhile purpose.
    • Mary and Rochelle did a fantastic job of leading us thru the excercise.
    • We - 30 of us - spent the whole day working on this
    • A smaller group spent another half day finalizing things.
    • Stay tuned for more on this...
  2. Police escort
    • Vicki has been working hard with Delta PD to come up with the support and escort plan for this year.
  3. Web site
    • Most of the glitches have been worked out and we will now turn our attention to tuning the information so it is presented in a organized way
    • Carla and Charles are working on some of the graphic design to make it a little more striking over time.

Don't forget the Indoor ride coming up on Feb 4th... great way to get your training going for any event you may be doing this year!