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I am excited to do the Ride 2 Survive again for a ton of reasons.....  obviously to continue the real fundraising efforts to beat Cancer.....  because my good friend Ryan Correy just lost a 9 month battle that came swiftly and without mercy to claim an extraordinary 35 year old.... but also because my Mom was diagnosed this year and is fighting the 80% fatality odds with all that she has.  The list of those we have lost is far too long..... Norma, Stacey, Kim, Ray, Ruby, and so many more.

And maybe not so obvious..... I nearly died in a bike crash in 2015 when I was going nearly 70kph in a race in a light rain, and the bridge deck aparently was covered in algae.... 

So I am riding because I love to ride and it is a privilage to do so.  (in spite of how I may feel about sitting on a bicycle seat around about Hope or Mission).

Happy Training everyone!!