Abhi's story on SFU's website

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Did you know that Abhi's doing his PhD in mechatronics systems engineering at SFU Surrey? He's just been profiled on their website.

Abi told us his story: 

I landed in Vancouver Summer 2010, in order to pursue my PhD at SFU. Later that year, I received extra income through a scholarship. I was wonderning what best to do with it: travel to my dream place or accept the offer to join the West Vancouver Cricket Club (my first love) or buy a thinkpad with the latest core i7 processor or contribute to my community. 

It took few more days to decide. I looked around and asked what can I contribute to the present community. It struck me: Why not volunteer for a cancer fundraiser? I looked at a few cancer fundraising events notably the Seattle ride and ride2survive. I thought that I'd have to be crazy to bike that distance, because I haven't even pedaled one stroke before on a road or mountain bike.

Oh well there is always first time for everything in life. I lread and watched all about the bike events, and felt in my heart that ride2survive is where I had to be.

The purpose was huge, and it took a while to digest and feel comfortable within to be a part of this event. This led to my first ride2survive in 2011.