$2500 wtf???

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Funny how numbers on a page can be intimidating. Last year the minimum donation commitment  was $1500. An intimidating number indeed. But I once scaled a building and raised $1500 to do it.(For Easter Seals...not for rapelling equiptment), so I knew it was attainable for myself. My biggest fundraising lesson learned that year was NEVER DO A BOTTLE DRIVE again!!!!! I had put up posters all around my neighborhood and my friend's neighborhood. We got the skankiest, ugliest, oldest, bug infested bottles people could find in their garages, thier garbage piles, thier compost heaps. But sometimes that's what you do to fundraise. I think I got $200 out of. Think about that it terms of .05 and .20 cent bottle deposits.........


So imagine my panic when the powers that be switched the minimum commitment to $2500!!! How dare they do that!! Without warning?? Without asking?? Without a vote??? Someone just decided to change it up $1000???? Forgetting the big picture, I was slightly perturbed, more out of fear of not raising the money. I was  not seeing more money going to cancer research, Not seeing 100% of money raised from our commited group going to cancer. No, in that moment it was all about me. And how I was going to fail miserably at raising $2500. I hate asking people for money.


So I listened and learned from those 'elite' fundraisers. Oh, you know the ones. The ones who probably already have  $1000 banked on NEXT YEAR's donation page! The ones who have big donators. The ones who LOVE to fundraise. Its their passion. They know people, They can play an instrument and throw a CD together and sell it (I have a high school friend living in Japan who did just that to raise money for Tsunami victims). The ones who have great ideas, and fundraise thier hearts out until they meet that goal. And then surpass it. I watch in awe as thier tallies totalled. Some going as far as + $33, 000. Wow. That's impressive . That's inspiring. And not to out shadow all the others and all the totals so far. We don't just stop at $2500 I discover. Well you can, but why, when you can raise more???  More?? Gulp.


The beautiful thing is we, the riders, are not hung out to dry to raise the money. Oh no, our "powers that be" GIVE US OPPORTUNITIES to fundraise. They arrange events that we can participate in to raise money. They give us ideas. We support each other by attending each others fundraising events. Even now in the final week our teamate Michel, an Air Canada pilot, releases 400 raffle  tickets for a trip for 2 anywhere  Air Canada flies in North America, Hawaii, Carrebean and Mexico. $20 a pop. Wow! What a deal. 100% goes to Cancer Research. Does he try to sell all 400 himself?? NO, he takes just 100 for himself and gives US, his teamates a chance to sell the rest of them. AND PUT THE MONEY UNDER OUR NAME. To help those reach the $2500 and others to surpass. Think about that.  That's what Ride2Survive is all about. It is a family. A team.

Porta Potty Paul gives a call to those that may need help fundraising. Its a joy to talk to him. I assure him that I am at $2500, something I wasn't sure I could do. And I couldn't have done it by myself. . Not without the help and support of my friends, my wonderful awesome co workers, my family, my R2S family,  and the dozens of people out there that ate BBQ hot dogs and  threw money in the can while I was spinning in a mall. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


I am at $2867 with my 10 raffle tickets sold. Can I make it to $3000????