Cain and Abel

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OK so it's not really a biblical epic. Let's call it "can" and "able" instead. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of an amazing group of volunteers I'm feeling downright groovy. During the course of our training I have been irritable, quotable, miserable, susceptible, pliable, redeemable, culpable, gullible, malleable, and erable (that’s French for maple tree) but the word that comes to mind now is discernable. That’s the type of difference I’m feeling. Hills that gassed me three months ago are now a mere nuisance. Those early training climbs would have my tongue hanging so far out of my head that I would have to scrape the road slugs off when I got home just to taste dinner. Now it’s often smooth if not effortless; challenging but not hopeless.


Nutritionally I will now switch to a carbohydrate based diet. I will be doing this in two phases:

  1. Before the ride – Brown rice, ancient grains, fresh fruits & veg.
  2. After the ride – Malt, barley, water, yeast, and bubbles.

This may qualify for Ripley’s status but I made the commitment to a beer free diet while in training and have not had a barley sandwich since we left Mexico in mid February. I am now down to my ride day goal of 170 lbs (that’s my weight not my weekly consumption).


Nine days. That’s all the time left till we pound our hairy chests, knock back a shot of Kelowna porch climber, and hit the road with a passion. The tune-ups (otherwise known as training rides) are down to a dull roar as we enter the “taper” phase. From here on in it’s only an occasional gentle 40-60 kilometer jaunt. As the tension mounts and the days fly by it’s easy to think only in terms of the road. Yet the road is merely a metaphor for the journey we are on to mitigate the suffering that cancer causes. The most important realization is to know that we are going in the right direction. The donations we are harvesting are the paving stones that will forge the passage to a place where we are free of this crippling burden.

Cancer: your days are numbered!!!