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As a new rider and a new member, I have found the R2S group MORE than anything I had ever anticipated.  I was nervous, scared and excited all at the same time.  “Scared and nervous” – being amongst a group of Elite riders that there was no way I would even come close to keeping up with….  “Excited” because I was about to embark on a journey that would allow me to Ride honouring my family while continuing to bring awareness and help raise funds for Cancer Research.


Well…. I have to say that the gang exceeded my expectations and then some. 

As I went to my first training ride – I found that there was most definitely elite riders, however, the team ALL made me feel welcomed and helped me through the ride with words of encouragement, support, some laughs, some tears or a gentle hand on the back encouraging me up a hill.


It was after that first ride that I found that this was unique group. 

I had the recent pleasure of participating in the SAG wagon for the last training ride and I have to say it gave me a new perspective, not only for seeing the riders and their formation from behind BUT how hard the crew work !   Yes – it was definately hard to sit in a vehicle while your fellow riders were out there doing their thing….. But I am so glad I put it out there to help  - because it gave me an opportunity to get to know some of my fellow riders on a bit more of an intimate level.


We all have our stories why we are doing this….and for me….. June is a big month  

I lost my Brother, Dad and Mom all in the month of June (1992, 2007, 2010)

so for me…. THIS IS WHY I RIDE.  I am blessed to share this journey with a group of people that feel the same and to ultimately reach that common goal of becoming a Cancer Free Future.   


As we are closing in on actual RIDE DAY I want to take this opportunity say a BIG thank you to each of you for sharing your stories, supporting and encouraging me during these past few months.


You all ROCK!