Snotty Hills and and Green Tea Ice Cream

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Note to self- if a mountain is mentioned in a training ride, climbing and descending are involved.

Okay- so I see from previous bloggers yesterday's 200km ride effected alot of us. It is at this point in the ride that it is all becoming surreal to me. I was a cheerleader last year. I wore a red clown nose and shook my pom poms. I looked in awe through a windshield or an open roof top at an amazing group of riders doing this crazy amazing ride. All I could do was cheer them on and feed them and give them hugs. They were my heros.


I suppose, humbly now, I must admit, I am my own hero. If i hold myself to the same light as all the others, I am them. they are me. We are each other. And judging by the amazing SAG crew yesterday, this statement is truer than ever.

Charles(vetran rider and ride captain), Nicola, Kristine, and Sonia. All riders. All part of the support team. And later Abhi and John. Riders supporting riders? No, team mates supporting each other. It makes no difference the role one plays, its what one brings to each ride that counts. And Charles brought yummy pasta for some of the ride captains that were too busy to prepare the night before. That is teamwork. And the energy and laughs and cheering from that SAG crew was amazing! And Kerri O. What can I say? Always a rock. I bet you had fun.

My, my I've digressed. I have found training is making me dumb. My mind and body is on a slower gear, as my body heals and recovers from each ride and prepares for the next.


Okay surreal, that's where I was. I remember last year, Pam and I at the ice cream place, Waiting for riders. and waiting. And waiting. In the hot sun. We had gotten there too early. And I was wearing a clown nose when they came in. My heros. I wondered- how the hell do they do this????? Yet I knew I would be doing it the following year. This year. I wondered how the hell I was going to do it.


Snotty hills. Sumas Mountain you should be renamed. You caught me off guard. Although the word 'mountain' should have given me a hint. I didn't do that part in SAG last year(I was waiting at the ice cream shop), so I was surprised by your snottiness. Go blow! Emilio seemed intent on hearing at least 1 f-bomb from me. I aim to please. I gave him 2. S


I cheer people while riding. Its ingrained in me. You can take the girl out of the SAG but you can't take the SAG out of the girl. How can I yell/cheer/swear while climbing??Because I'm crazy. Because i teach spin and I have to talk and workout at the same time. And look in control while doing it. Plus I love encouraging and motivating people. It makes me happy. And letting out a "WHAHOO" every once in awhile is a great stress buster. I recommend everyone try it!!!!

And lastly, can I just mention paceline and 0 ave, and how Cathy so eloquently said- the pollen snowing on us. And again Al M, Rich, Emilio, Graham making it work for all of us. Emilio "I'm coming I'm coming" trying to close a very HUGE gap in the fast line. Really, in the wind? You want us doing 29km/hr. After 9 hours in saddle? 170ish km's logged. Sure we can. hahahaha. We can't and we know it but geez its fun trying to keep it together. That's why we ride.

And here we sit, less than 3 weeks out. Getting a little giddy and little afraid of the whole thing. My body trying to grasp the fact that it will double the time in the saddle from yesterday. Double the km's, double the food. And defintely double the fun. I look forward to every moment.

I also look forward to kicking cancer's ass and one day putting this terrible discease behind us all. I don't know what the hold up is with the cure, but I know I want to be part of the solution.