At some point during the training (or perhaps on ride day) you will feel the "magic" of Ride2Survive- where it becomes more than pedaling a bike.  Where you feel a deeper connection to our bigger purpose (which is different for everyone) and where you feel the power of "team".


Yesterday's 200km (not all flat- flat spin) was that day for me.  And so the MAGIC begins!  By the time we reached the end of 0Avenue I was bone tired and ready to get off my bike (following our epic paceline).  The somewhat off key chorus line of Rich and Emilio singing Christmas carols as the pollen fell on us like snow certainly distracted and entertained me and kept me pedaling. We arrived at Buckets and Birdies tired, energized, and proud.  Observers would not have guessed that we spent the last 9.5 hours on the saddle.     


My belief is that each person brings a unique brilliance to the Ride2Survie team, whether you are a first time rider, veteran or crew: coaching, cheering each other on, opening your heart and sharing your journey, words of encouragement, respecting silence, sharing food, mechanical help...You name it. You do  it. You are Ride2Survive, and I am honoured to ride with you. 


We are setting ourselves up for an incredible experience on ride day.  The spirit of those whom you ride for will surely guide you and give you the strength you need to keep pedaling.  With three weeks to go, I encourage you to share your journey and invite your friends and family to join us en route so that they can be part of our magic too.


Thank you for bringing the magic into my world!