These are my HEROS

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Except for a final group ride and some rides on our own or with others, the formal training for the Ride2Survive comes to an end!

Saturday, while most normal folks were having a nice coffee with their newspaper at 9 or 10, we already had many kilometers in our legs. 


But....But.... But.... while some of us rode our bikes, there were a few who were most special and have been most special thru this training season, those are the crew who have been on the road with us to keep us safe, change our flats, feed and water us and of course, provide some much needed Vitamin L!

These are the true heros of our little ride we call the Ride2Survive!

So to Pam, Kerry O, Sandra, Alexandra, Charles, Carlye, Lorene, Kathleen, Tony, Christine, Nicola, Lynne, Robert K, Paul J, Kelsy, Cheryl, Nick O, Dave O,


From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU


And so it goes. Ride day will come and a host of others will sacrifice more than a day at home with their families to help this event happen and more importantly, help the money get raised. 


Some of us just ride our bikes, but our true heros don't.