My Story


Its not just that I love cycling, this is much more than a cycling event, what really resonates with me is that this is going to be difficult, I will suffer during the ride, its one of the things I love about cycling, weeing how hard I can push my self. I still remember watching my mum suffer as she endured radio therapy (this was in the 80's, so it was pretty brutal), surgery followed, but to no effect, apart from inflicting more suffering. Finally after I watched  my mum, wither away from the wondeful effervescent person she was she succomed to this disease that has no social, religious or any other boundary, including wealth!!! I was 19 at the time, just in my first year of University, my mum died on the 27th december, so we did the whole christmas thing and then all the presents were still there but my mum wasn't.


So this is why I signed up. I would love no one ese to go through that, but still they are, why we cant find a cure I am not sure, but I want everyne who is trying to have everything they need!! Dont get me started on the amount of money wasted on everything else by countless governments!


I will be doing my bit and hopefully other people will be inspired and do there bit.


I have really enjoyed the training rides, some fantastic people and some sad and heroic stories.


If you are thinking of sponsoring me or have sonsored me, why not just donate as much as you can ( infact think of a figure and double it!!! You can go without coffee for a week or a month or a year!!!)