Thank You Pam

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So after riding the North Shore ride 2 weeks in a row, I've decided that I would rather deal with the heat, than the cold rain.

Sunday offered up another example of why Ride 2 Survive is special.  After climbing Cypress into the chilling 3-degree mountain-top, I was feeling pretty good about my fitness, but the wet cold was bone chilling.  Yes I had been warned to bring warm clothing, but decided to ride out to the start and didn’t want to ride with a backpack (mistake).

Standing shivering at the top, I evaluated my options (like any good engineer).  Compounding the problem, my eyes suffered some form of allergic reaction to my efforts, sweat and sunscreen (optimist?).  So the question was, could I gut my way down the hill shivering with about 50% visibility (allergies and rain soaked sunglasses).

After a turn on my bike around the parking lot, I recognized that I needed to swallow my pride and either source some additional clothing, or find a spot in the SAG.

So I headed over to the trailer and asked Pam if there were any unclaimed jackets, or if she knew of anyone who might have some extra clothing.  Instantly she offered me the jacket off her back, not allowing me the option of arguing.  On went Pam’s yellow jacket and the extra layer instantly took some of the edge out of the cold.

Down I started, the most difficult decent I have ever made, safely to the bottom where I returned the jacket, expressing my gratitude.

Reflecting today, this selfless act is symbolic of everything great about Ride 2 Survive.  We ride as a team, it is this 1+1=3 attitude that provides the leverage to make a real difference.

Thank you Pam.