The impact we have...

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Being involved in any way with the Ride2Survive, we all have some understanding and hope that we are having an impact somehow.  That impact can be funds for research advancements, inspiring healthy active living, inspiring others to give back....etc

Well here is a first hand impact that certainly brought tears to our eyes and inspires us as I'm sure it will inspire you! We had such a great training ride on Sunday and this email from someone we don't know was in our inbox before we got home from the ride....

Here is Tracy's email:


I just passed your group while I was driving North on 216th Street in South Langley and I'm still moved to tears.  I was behind the group for quite some time waiting for a safe time to use the oncoming lane to pass and gave a few honks when I did eventually go by them, I hope they know that they were 100% supportive and thank you honks.  I was diagnosed Feb. 14 with breast cancer, I'm 44 years old, have been very happily with my husband for 23 years and we have 2 wonderful sons, ages 13 and 16.  To say this was the most devastating thing to happen to our family would be a complete understatement.  However, from the moment I found out, I've been nothing but determined that I will survive this and post diagnosis, everything has been going very well.  I had a lumpectomy just over 3 weeks ago, I had VERY clear margins as my surgeon happily told me and the 1 lymph node removed was clear, now I am waiting to go the Cancer Agency for the rest of my treatment.
So, I just had to say a very, very heartfelt thank you to all of you, please know how incredibly grateful I am to people like you.  Until you are in this situation you have no idea how much it touches your heart and completely moves you to see someone wearing a daffodil, or a pink ribbon OR riding bikes, it means the world!  THANK YOU!
Most Sincerely,