How to find the training plan and how to follow it.

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The training plan is listed under:


"User menu"  "The Rider Guide"  "Training Plan and Mandatory rides"


Or, you can link to it right here:


A few words about following it...


The training plan part of that document is an outline to be followed loosely as we all differ.  It provides sample ideas of what you COULD do.  As you can see, typically, Monday is shown as a recovery ride day (light spinning, NO hard work) and Tuesday is a full rest day.  Then Wednesday shows hill repeats (we should all be finding time for hill repeats)  Thursday is some other kind of workout, but NOT spinning or cycling, and Friday is again a rest day.


It often shows TWO long distance weekend rides on back to back days - and this can help build cycling endurance, (we'll all need that)  but you may or may not be ready for that just yet.  It is important to do a recovery ride the day after the last big ride of the week, and to have those off the bike days as well.


As Kerry suggested in the last meeting, if you are on the bike 3 times a week, for a good workout (not just idling along), with one of them being a LONG ride (several hours), you are probably getting stronger, if you do 4 times a week, it's even better.  3 times a week might be ~200km (2x 50 and 1x100), 4 times a week might be ~250-275+km (2x50, 1x100 & 1x75, say.)


Nobody can tell you exactly how many kms or hours per week are perfect for you.  What is important is that you challenge yourself on the hard workouts, push your boundaries to get stronger.  Make one of the rides a LONG ride, and GO EASY on your recovery ride.