So, will the Mall Fundraisers Work?

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You bet your chamois butter they will !


The fantastic, upbeat R2S crew at Pacific Centre this Saturday raised just over $3000 in 9 hours!  WAY. TO. GO!  Crew!  You did fantastic job.  I think we can consider the gauntlet thrown down, heads up all you other upcoming mall fundraisers, $3000 in a day is the number to beat!  Get out there and raise more money than we did!  We'd be thrilled to have that record broken...


Grand total for the Pacific Centre weekend, a whopping $5300!  Fantastic work, all - and thanks for your generosity, Vancouver!


If we can average just $1500 per mall fundraising day this year, with 18 days (20 days?) on the calendar, we could make $27,000 - $30,000 at the malls this year...


Or can we make MORE?