Training Ride over the Alex Freakin Fraser

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I have made it a practise to always thank the ride leaders after every ride. Sunday Feb. 26 it was confirmed for me why this is appropriate. Twenty minutes in as we ascended the bridge I flatted. OK I suppose flat is not a verb but then how do you explain farted? I discovered the problem about 1/4 the way up but I decided that stopping there would cause a huge problem and potential safety concern for my fellow riders so I rode on rim till I could safely pull over without disrupting the flow (between the bridge cable stays). I don't know if that is proper etiquette or not, or wether it makes good cycling sense,  but for the price of a wheel I wasn't willing to risk the havoc that would ensue.

What are the chances of flatting on any given K of the 85 or so that we traversed? One in eighy five and I have to flat in the middle of the Alex Freakin Fraser!!! Despite my consternation, or perhaps because of it, I was immediately assisted by not one but two ride leaders! And a member of Abbotsford Fire & Rescue who was my riding partner when we were doubled up before getting to the bridge. Not only did they communicate the problem and arrange for the SAG to be available they even fixed the freakin flat in conditions that would make Robert Service shiver.

At the end of the ride the main thing on my mind was the condition of our R2S sister - Lynne (which I have just learned is favouarble) but right behind that was the sense of what sort of team spirit and support to expect on ride day. And that, my friends, makes all the freakin difference in the world!

Thanks again ride leaders and crew.