Donor FAQs

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Q: Why do you send the donations to research?

A: Historically, research is where the big advances in cancer care, treatment & prevention come from. Therefore we feel the biggest gains are to be had by furthering future research.



Q: What do you mean, all the donated money goes to the cause, isn't that just the same with all fundraising events?

A: No. Other major events spend as much as 30%, 40%, 50% or even more of your donation on "expenses" like advertising, salaried staff, event costs, etc. We suggest you do your homework before you donate to ANY charitable event, no matter what charity or event you chose to support. Ask them how they will spend your money. Ask for a financial statement - they are required to provide it to you. Look for items like "fundraising costs" and "administration costs". Once you know the facts, you can make an informed decision about how to spend your charitable dollars.



Q: Will I get a tax receipt for my donation?

A: Yes. If you make a *cash (VISA, cheque) donation of $25 or more, either in person to a rider, or online, you will get a tax receipt issued to you by the Canadian Cancer Society.  If you donate in person, you will need to ask for a tax receipt and fill out a form in order to get it.  Donating online automatically generates a tax receipt for you.

*If you buy raffle tickets, or 50/50 draw tickets, or participate in a pub night, or buy a product being sold to raise money for the cause etc. - some event where you get something for your money?  No tax receipt will be issued for those purchases, however you can add an additional CASH donation, and receive a tax receipt for that portion.



Q: Do I have to donate to a specific rider, or can I make a donation to the event in general?

A: Donations can be made in support of specific riders or to the event itself. Click on the red DONATE NOW! donation button (upper left on this website) and you will be sent to the secure Canadian Cancer Society donation site where you can donate online and get a tax receipt immediately.



Q: How much money has the Ride2Survive raised so far?

A: In 13 years, the ride has raised over $5.5 Million dollars for cancer research, a fact our prior donors, volunteers & riders should all be very proud of! 



Q: You have me convinced! I'd like to do more than just donate money. How do I participate? Can I volunteer as crew? Can I ride? Can I fundraise for the Ride2Survive even if I don't volunteer or ride?

A: Yes, Yes, and YES! For more information on becoming part of the team as a rider or crew, see the "contact us" link at the top left of the page, or if you are ready to register now, click the link at the top of the page!

ANYONE can fundraise for the Ride2Survive. If you wish to help by being part of the fundraising team, that's the best help of all! "Team up" with a rider or volunteer to help them fundraise! Ask your friends, family or co-workers! Volunteer as part of already organized R2S fundraising events! You can also "Register Now" to keep track of what is going on with the ride! You'll receive e-mail updates & notices, and you'll be able to participate more on the site.