It's August 15th and we (Sonya and I) are half way though our Ride2Survive Walk100Run200Cycle300kms in 30 Days Challenge - August 1 - 30.
I wanted to update you on my progress so far. I have had donors explain to me that in order to complete this challenge I would have to average 3.33 kms walking, 6.66 kms running and 10 kms riding every day for 30 days. I haven't ever done all three things every day but so far I have walked 52.25 kms, ran 78.26 kms and cycled 169.31 kms. More importantly, with donations so far, I am at $1,516 (halfway to my fundraising goal of $3,000).
I am sure we can get there. I have talked to some of you all ready and you have said the donations are coming. Thank you again to those who have all ready donated. Just reminding you 100% of your donation goes to cancer research through Ride2Survive and Canadian Cancer Society.
For an easy way to my fundraising page please CLICK HERE.
Steve Tom