Hi Everyone,

We hope you and your family are doing well and your ability to see friends and family is opening up.

We wanted to give you an update on how our heroes are doing! After last year's $250,000 fundraising effort ($175k plus a match of $75k) the crew this year is again on a tear!

But first... What can you do?   Donate to, or better yet, send some emails out asking for donations to one of these great events. Copy one of the donation links below and email it to your friends and family for donations. Being involved in Ride2Survive, you have seen the difference research has made and you have asked for donations before with incredible response... why not now... The need for cancer research has not gone away.

...and if you are in need of some motivation, there are several R2S family members whose families have been hit hard thru this past while...

Some of the fundraising so far...

Dale Cull (Dale's Roadside Bakery): Dale pumped out a ton of delicious pies and has raised over $1,500 in donations!

Jacob Koomen: Jacob completed his 500km ride and has raised over $6,000!! Donate to Jacob Here

Dave Peerless and his Dexter Realty Team: Dave's crew has raised about $40,000 so far and is shooting for $60,000. This event is on-going with some of his team doing a 200km one day ride. Donate to the Dexter Team Here

Rob Geiger: Rob rode June 19th and you should check out his facebook post... "hardest thing he has ever done" and "won't ever do it again"... but, nearly $3,000 raised!!!! Donate to Rob Here

Brooke, Ryan and Steve: These folks are riding 200km this coming Saturday July 10th and have raised over $6,000 already. Donate to Brooke's team here

Nicky and Lucas Kearns Hike2Survive: July 24th, they head out on the epic West Coast Trail and are almost at $2,000! Donate to Nicky HERE

Other events coming up soon...

Walk100kmsRun200kmsRide300kms: Sonya and Steve are at it again this year for the month of August. Donate to Sonya and Steve Here

Lisa Montgomery: Team Go-Getters in Alberta heading to 5000km. Donate to the Go Getters here

Rob Trainor: Rob will be is running a huge mountain biking challenge.

Noelene's Backyard Pub Night... that looks like it won't have to be virtual which is great and she has already raised $4,000!