One of the first events to be announced for 2021, Dave Peerless has convinced his office (Dexter Realty) to jump in to hold a fundraiser for the Ride2Survive. Their fundraising will take place throughout the year but they are holding a "main event" with some of the details below. We are working out details on how others can jump and participate but no matter... what will your event be?


Here are some early details for the June 12th - Dexter Realty Ride2Survive Challenge:

2020 represented the end of the "Big Ride' and the beginning of individual challenges to raise funds under the banner and philosophy of R2S.

The June 12th - Dexter Realty Ride2Survive Challenge!

Pick your personal activity; walking, running, cycling, stair climbing, swimming, indoor riding, hopping, skipping and jumping! Whatever!!!  Set a goal for training from January to June and then join us on a day in June for the main event!

What is the main event you ask?????..............

The Main Event!!!

On June 12th, we will hold a fully volunteer supported and planned event with food and fluid stops, cheering sections, lots of noise, flags and fun with the goal in mind to do the following:

  • Ride your bike- 50 Km or 100 Km or 200 Km!
  • Run- As far as you can!
  • Walk- Challenge yourself!
  • Hop, Skip, Jump or? Your choice
Or do something else that is epic and would be something people would support you on because they wouldn't want to do it themselves!!
What I have always known about this type of fundraising effort is if you offer to do something that sounds outlandish and is really hard, the person you are asking will donate on your behalf! 
The result is great for you (Physical and mental benefit), great for the person donating (Feels good about supporting you), great for the cause (we can make a difference in Cancer outcomes).